Anout Us

What we do

Gulf Adventure Tourism (GAT) occupies a unique space in the tourism world. We are not a large volume provider. We do not sell pre-packaged trips. Simply – we create bespoke experiences with adventure-minded individuals and groups that go beyond mere tourism. These adventures that we create with our clients are wholistic experiences that have physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions. Upon completing an adventure, our goal is that each participant will have grown in each of these dimensions. Our goal is that each participant will better understand themselves and the people that they interacted with. It is our belief that these goals cannot be met without the support and buy in from indigenous service providers.

How it works

One of our most prized relationships is the relationship that we will have with our local providers. We cannot offer authentic, local experiences without your expertise. Our goal is to make sure that the vast majority of the revenue goes to local companies, in KSA. Our facilitators will plan each adventure. Once settled, we will bring the entire experience to our local partners to price. We will outsource to our local partners all elements of the experience from logistics to trip execution. Each experience will have GAT facilitators on a ratio of 10:1. For every 10 participants we will supply one facilitator. These facilitators have the responsibility to make sure that the trip is executed according to the contract. Our facilitators will have expertise in the field required (eg climbing), will be well versed in the local culture, and will meet minimum language requirements. Our facilitators are paid by our clients and will not be a financial burden on the local provider, essentially you gain an advocate at no extra charge. Simply – we provide paying clients while providing the experts needed to ensure maximum safety and compliance while allowing you, the local provider, the opportunity to show off your core competencies, culture and country to uniquely appreciative clients.

What we provide

Total plan for Adventure – we will plan out the entire trip, including all needed resources and exact dates.
Trained facilitators who will support in executing the plan and act as leader for each adventure
Up to 200 adventurers in the first year with the goal of 2,000 per year by 2025
We evaluate all clients to ensure they meet physical requirements for their adventure
We conduct pre-trip orientation to ensure our clients understand the unique cultural expectations in Saudi Arabia
We increase what you can offer through knowledge transfer
Increase your audience (online) through our online presence
We will work with you, our local provider, to train your staff in adventure-based tourism, equipping them to certify as climbing or trekking guides by international standards
What We Expect from Partners
Logistical support –
we expect our local partners to provide all transportation required for trip in a safe manner
access to preferred airfare rates through your partnerships where available
meals for clients on site
culturally appropriate sleeping arrangements (tents – separate for single men and women)
Transparent Pricing – we expect to be billed directly in advance for entire adventure. Pricing should be all inclusive and itemized. We will add a management fee for our provided facilitator and bill client directly
Saudization – we expect our local partners to provide capable Saudi staff. GAT will offer free partner training where needed to meet each adventure’s minimal requirements.
Client Profile
Our clients are typically young adventurers who have an interest in an experience that goes beyond ‘seeing the sights’ to provide them with the opportunity to engage in an activity like mountain climbing or trekking while engaging with the indigenous people and culture.
Our clients are vetted to ensure that they have the necessary physical skills necessary to partake in the activity and cultural awareness to engage with the indigenous population.
In brief:
Adventurous spirit
Driven – typically type A personalities | not passive
Young professionals – our clients are typically either on a career path or have already attained an executive position
College students
Naturally curious
Physically fit


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