A trip to Jeddah – Al-Ula – Neom

A trip to Jeddah – Al-Ula – Neom


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Enjoy a journey that blends civilization and history with nature and adventures.

During the trip, you will have the pleasure of staying in the enchanting coastal city of Jeddah and exploring its tourist attractions.

You will stay in a five or four-star hotel with all the amenities and take a tour of historic Jeddah Balad and Jeddah's historical sites.
You can also savor the sunset or sunrise on the shores of the Red Sea.

Afterward, you will travel in modern cars (Yukon or Tahoe) to the captivating nature and heritage of the northwest region of the Kingdom, specifically to the region of AlUla, where we will spend a week-long journey.

AlUla is a Saudi Arabian city located in the northwest, inhabited for over 4,000 years and filled with exceptional surprises and enjoyable recreational activities. It has become a tourism choice for thousands of Saudis, residents, and foreigners.

This city enjoys a moderate climate, low humidity, and stargazing opportunities in the clear night sky.
It boasts extensive green areas, historical sites, huge shopping centers, tourist resorts, valleys, and sand-rich desert areas.

Some of the notable places in AlUla include:

Elephant Rock: The mountain features an attractive natural formation resembling an elephant, along with light-colored mountains and vast stretches of golden sand. The best time to visit is in the late afternoon to witness the sunset against the backdrop of the mountain and enjoy walking on the road leading to the mountain with friends.

AlUla Museum: It showcases the ancient cultural life of the region through the display of artistic artifacts and panels of ancient languages used in the Arabian Peninsula. Despite its small size, the museum remains a favorite destination for many enthusiasts of archaeological tourism, especially as it is supported by a comprehensive explanation of all eras and ancient and rare tools.

Hurrat Al-Hurrah: It offers a cool atmosphere throughout the year due to its volcanic rock nature, making it a great place to escape the heat, especially in summer. The best time to visit is before sunrise, as it provides an ideal opportunity to admire the changing colors of the sky from blue to golden. Additionally, a nighttime visit is stunning for using telescopes to observe the appearance of stars and the moon in the sky.

AlUla Old Town and the Palm Oasis: These are distinctive places located in AlUla.


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9 days


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